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Services - Sky Eyes
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Main Bahalgarh Chowk, Sonipat
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
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SkyEyes Provides variety of services

Installation Services

Sky Eyes is capable of providing following installation services.

Repair & Maintenance Services

We do repair and maintain all kinds of security devices & systems if it is repairable. 

Though repairing is not an easy task, but we have been repairing cctv’s, VDP, Door locks etc since 2015. And we keep ourself updated with the technology. So that we can server our customers anytime, anywhere.  

Annual Maintenance Service Contracts

Like every other mechanical or electrical devices needs maintenance after certain period of time. These Security devices & whole system also needs proper and regular maintenance

Software Installation & Update

Several CCTV’s, Smart Door Locks and other security devics & systems work with the help of a software program. If the software program is outdated or not properly installed/ Then your security device may stop working. 

Contact Sky Eyes if you need to update or install software of your security devices & systems


Work Steps

Our Work Process.


Discussions About Requiremnets

Customer contact us to discuss their exact requirements and location of installation


Start Work With Team

A professional team start the work according to the discussions and the promises made to the customers


Project Execution

Project execution as per committment to the customers in right direction


Testing & Commissioning

After installation we do a test to check if everything is fine and let the customer check for their satisfaction